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Powersim Studio is a software package for creating and running dynamic business simulations, which can be used as the basis for creating management 'flight simulators' that permit interactive experimentation with issues such as corporate strategy, operations, marketing, competitive analysis and decision-making.

By simulating your business, you can see the effects of your decisions over time, discover potential problem areas and make adjustments and experiment in a risk-free environment.

Reduce the time and resources necessary to examine the risk and return profiles of strategic options, and eliminate many real world risk scenarios before they occur. Enhance your ability to understand, improve, and communicate the relationships between business structures, strategies and short and long-term performance. The nature of simulators makes them powerful interactive environments for experiencing the dynamics of your business under various conditions.

Simulations in Powersim Studio

Powersim Studio utilises the System Dynamics methodology to model your system and simulate its behaviour over time.

Begin by creating a graphical model representing the operation of the system or problem you wish to study. Then add mathematical formulae which represent the behaviour of each element and its relationship to other elements.

Powersim Studio allows you to perform optimisation on models to automatically search for optimal policies and sensitivity analysis to assess the impact of uncertainty or risk. You can combine optimisation and sensitivity analysis by using Risk Management.

Create engaging user interfaces to present your simulations with graphical and intuitive controls.Simulate using your own data.

Powersim Studio can connect to external datasets including Microsoft Excel, SAP Netweaver BI and relational databases (such as Microsoft Access, Oracle and SQL).

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